Arthur Walterson’s Writing Blog!

This is Arthur Walterson’s official blog! You can read most (if not all) my writing here, as well as download it (typically as a .rtf file). See the little sidebar on the left? Well click Select Category to jump to a page containing that specific story or saga, respectively. Or you could just click the links below. If you want to see all of my posts, click Uncategorized. Here is a short tidbit about some of them.

Saga of Fourteen: A novel that I wrote, about the zodiac, gods, and the destruction of Earth.

Kyreth: My most ambitious project. It is a HUGE saga I’m working on. Currently one story has been finished.

xx12: A pretty complex story that I’m slowly working on.

Cantomancy: A project, in a way. I’m not entirely sure what I’m planning to do with it.

Shift: Science Fiction. Phases. Time(ish) travel. I wrote the entire thing by hand before copying to my computer.

The Element StonesAn ongoing school project, and I’m not sure where it’s going. Starring a young Ailura man.

Notes: An indestructible man trying to figure out what he is doing. Oh, and he is an assassin.

Tears and Ashes (TaA): A boy out to slay a dragon and therefore take revenge on it for his father’s death. This story is an abomination. It was my first story, and is quite terrible. If you want more information on it, you can read this page.

Alchemist Story (Unnamed): Only the start of something epic, starring a noble/beggar/alchemist/trickster.

The Stone Emerges (TSE):  A story that I haven’t worked on in a while, though the first one was completed. Eventually (maybe) it will be a trilogy. (By the way, I am still working on the names. So: Will = Wilein, Jaquiline = Zena = Iana, and Cythraul = Teish = Lur’sefarna).

Betrayal, Prequel to The Stone Emerges: Obviously, the prequel to TSE. Which, I suppose, means that it won’t be a trilogy any more. Oh well.

The Theorems: Don’t bother with these too much. They are basically rules about how magic and stuff works in my books/life.

U.N.S. Element: A work of science fiction, taking place on a deep-space cruiser.

End Play: A finished story about the beginning of the end of the world.

Assorted Stories: Where a good portion of my writing is.

Random WritingRandom things live here.

One thought on “Arthur Walterson’s Writing Blog!

  1. urthemom says:

    Love your blog, dude! High five!

    Mrs. C

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