Arthur Walterson’s Writing Blog

You can read most of my writing here. See the little sidebar on the left? Well, click “Select Category” to jump to a page containing that specific set of stories. Or you could just click the links below. If you want to see all of my posts, click Uncategorized. Here is a short tidbit about some of them.

Saga of Fourteen: A novel that I wrote, about the zodiac, gods, and the destruction of Earth.

Kyreth: A large saga, of which only one story has been completed.

xx12/Spacetime: A space-related story that I’m working on.

Cantomancy: A side project.

Shift: A completed science fiction short story, based around the concept of Phases.

The Element Stones: A project I was working on a while ago, but don’t really have many future plans for.

Notes: A semi-indestructible man trying to figure out what he is doing.

Tears and Ashes (TaA): If you want more information on this abomination, you can read this page.

Alchemist Story (Unnamed): A story that I’ve worked on, that I may or may not continue in some fashion.

The Stone Emerges:  A three-part story, the first part of which is completed, which I probably won’t work on any more.

Betrayal: A prequel to The Stone Emerges, that I only got partially through. I may or may not continue it.

The Theorems: Meta-stuff pertaining to some of the universes of my stories.

U.N.S. Element: A completed science fiction story, in the form of journal entries, taking place on a deep-space cruiser.

End Play: A finished science fiction story about the beginning of the end of the world.

Assorted Stories: A very large percentage of my writing is here.

Dreams: A subset of the Assorted Stories category, where I jot down some of my dreams. For more information on it, see the first story in this category, here.

Gothic: The more darker of my writings, a subset of Assorted Stories.


Random Writing: Self-explanatory.

One thought on “Arthur Walterson’s Writing Blog

  1. urthemom says:

    Love your blog, dude! High five!

    Mrs. C

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