Arthur Walterson’s Writing Blog

You can read most of my writing here. Click “Select Category” on the sidebar to jump to a page containing that specific set of stories. Or you could just click the links below. If you want to see all of my posts, click Uncategorized. Here are short tidbits about some of them.

(The stuff linked to here is only my more recent/ongoing stuff, or stuff that I actually still like. There are other writings on here, which you can get to through the “Select Category” thing, but be warned that they may or may not be particularly well-written.)

108.3: Two Worlds: A fictional radio show podcast that comes from a darker version of our world. (YouTube channel is here.)

Peripheral Vision: An ongoing novel about a virtual reality and the company that controls it.

Mostly Hidden: A novel about corruption in a pharmaceutical company.

Saga of Fourteen: A novel about the zodiac, gods, and the destruction of Earth.

Kyreth: A large saga, of which two stories have been completed.

Shift: A completed science fiction short story, based around the concept of Phases.

Assorted Stories: Short stories that don’t fit in the above categories.

Gothic: The darker of my writings, a subset of Assorted Stories.

Dreams: A subset of the Assorted Stories category, where I jot down some of my dreams. For more information on it, see the first story in this category, here.

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