Arthur Walterson’s Writing Blog

Click “Select Category” on the sidebar to jump to a page containing that specific set of stories. Or you could just click the links below. If you want to see all of my posts, click Uncategorized. Here are short tidbits about some of my favorites (or current, ongoing stories).

108.3: Two Worlds: An ongoing fictional radio show podcast that comes from a darker version of our world. (YouTube channel is here.)

City Intersection: A novel about six outsiders who enter a strange city. (Current story.)

Mostly Hidden: A novel about corruption in a pharmaceutical company.

Peripheral Vision: A novel about a virtual reality and the company that controls it.

Second Death: A bit of a different spin on a story of a haunted man.

Induction of Insanity: A short story about a sociopsychological experiment and the resulting consequences.

Bully/Bullier/Bullied: A three-part short story centered around long-extinct viruses.

Kyreth: A large saga, of which two stories have been completed.

Shift: A science fiction short story, based around the concept of Phases.

Assorted Stories: Short stories that don’t fit in the above categories.

Gothic: A subset of Assorted Stories.

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